Url: https://mientzu.com/live-detail/al-hawthorne-cannabis-workshop

Title: Cannabis Production Workshop: “Unlock Your Plant’s Potential” - Mien Tzu

Description: Cannabis Production Workshop - May 26th, 2021 at 1:30 - 4:00 PM EDT

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Host: A&L Canada Laboratories and The Hawthorne Garden Company

Start Time: 2021-05-26T17:30:00.000Z

About:UNLOCK YOUR PLANT'S POTENTIAL - Highlighting best management practices for the production of Cannabis This is a COMPLIMENTARY EVENT from A&L Canada Laboratories and Hawthorne™ and is open to industry participants interested in optimizing cannabis quality. There are key strategies that growers can employ to ensure the optimal performance and ROI. This 2.5 hour workshop, with breakout rooms for Q&A with some the best in the business, will cover plant nutrition testing and analysis, water & media management, lighting optimization and how they can help growers to maximize their efficiency and yield.

Host Website:https://www.alcanada.com/cannabistesting