Beyond Irradiation

live_detail_page:by Christian Hageseth & Jim Sanfilippo

This 3 step process protects the purity of your cannabis.

Join this free workshop to learn from world-leading experts in the newest techniques for protecting your crops from contaminants like Mold, Powdery Mildew, Yeast, Salmonella, Aspergillus, Coliform and other microbials. Discover new tools in your fight against one of the biggest dangers to a commercial cannabis producer's crops, their bottom line & their reputation. Learn our patent-pending, 3 step process to ensure your cannabis tests pure and stays protected, months longer than traditional industry practices. We'll introduce the scope of the contaminant problem, one that is likely bigger than anyone expected. Christian Hageseth will outline common practices & pitfalls from his experience as a grower & dispensary chain owner. Jim Sanfilippo will explain his background in food & pharmaceutical packaging and the science behind Cryopasteurization. How it works in symphony with AMAPS to protect the purity & extend the shelf life of bulk & consumer packaged cannabis.

Jim Sanfilippo

Founding Partner

30+ years in the packaging industry. Recognized innovator & disruptor who holds over 100 US and Foreign patents including practical leadership shepherding, private & public companies to market dominance.

Christian Hageseth

Founding Partner

Originator, entrepreneur and early entrant to growth processing and dispensary operations and optimization. Christian's fundamental knowledge of Cannabis Crop maximization and business optimization provides real-time, real-world absolutely indispensable knowledge. Our Maestro of Magnificence.

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live_detail_page:host: Christian Hageseth


9 Nov 2021
09:20 PM - 11:00 PM


Online | Virtual | MienTzu